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    CRA-Centro di Ricerca per la Frutticoltura, Roma
    This database has been realized within the project 'Plant Genetic Resources/FAO', initiated and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture in order to recognize Italy's adhesion, in 2004, to the International Treaty of the FAO on Plant Genetic Resources, access to the conserved material and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization. The project has 25 partners among Research Centres and Units of the CRA (Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture), the Institute of Plant Genetics of the CNR in Bari, and the NGO 'Rete Semi Rurali'. The database, however, is not limited to the germplasm collections held by project partners but is intended to grow over time in order to include also the collections held in other institutions, such as universities, of which some (University of Perugia, University of Potenza) have already included their collections. The harmonious documentation of material conserved in Italy also allows to notify the inclusion of accessions in the Multilateral System on Access and Benefit Sharing of the Treaty.